How Do I Make My Hot Tub More Private?

Your hot tub is your oasis, a place to escape and experience a unique, deep relaxation session. But if nosey neighbors are in view, you won’t experience your hot tub to its fullest potential.

Fortunately, there is no limit to the ways you can increase your hot tub’s privacy for the isolated escape of your dreams. Listed below are ideas to help you get started on making your hot tub space a private paradise.

Backyard Ideas for a Private Spa Installation


Of course, the first consideration for hot tub privacy is quality fencing. There are several ways to have tasteful privacy fencing around just your hot tub if you are not interested in fencing off your entire yard. For more affordable options, construct a DIY fence from wooden pallets such as those found at furniture stores and construction sites. Note that pallet fences may not provide total privacy, though.


To completely block out views from the outside, there are several options to create an enclosure around your hot tub. For instance, portable, water-proof hot tub enclosures (which are available in many colors and styles) can help you customize your backyard experience. An official hot tub enclosure may be the perfect option for those who need total privacy and those looking for 24/7 privacy. Another great option is to DIY your own hot tub enclosure by putting up privacy screens and retractable privacy corner walls.

Pergolas and Gazebos

Adding privacy elements to your hot tub may coincide with adding elegant aesthetic and personal touches to your hot tub space. Consider the addition of garden features such as a pergola or gazebo. Installing a pergola or gazebo adds to the ambiance of your hot tub experience and protects the interior from tree droppings. Likewise, it may be exactly what you need to keep your hot tub experience a private, intimate one.

Plants and Decor

When it comes to plants and decor, don’t hold back. Your favorite outdoor plant may double as visual enjoyment and a privacy agent. Discuss with your local garden center or landscaper about shrubs and trees you can plant for privacy. Bamboo, Italian cypress, and arborvitae are all possible options to plant around your hot tub.

Likewise, tall planter plants can also do the trick. A trellis is a timeless option, perfect for growing classic favorites such as roses, wisteria, and ivy. You can also add hanging baskets to a trellis. Also, be sure to remember hot tub maintenance when designing your backyard for privacy. Hot tubs require regular maintenance for longevity, so be sure not to block maintenance access in your quest for privacy.

There are countless additions to make your hot tub more private in a tasteful, affordable manner. Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes as well, so when purchasing a hot tub, consider which type of hot tub will fit in the yard for the most privacy. Don’t let nosey neighbors interrupt your daily escape — simply mix and match these privacy ideas to create the perfect private backyard.

Creating a Private Backyard Hot Tub Oasis

Nobody wants to have their leisurely soak in their spa to be interrupted by nosy neighbors. To learn more about hot tub privacy – or to simply check out hot tubs for sale – please come visit our showroom here at Pool Tech in Salisbury. For more information about hot tubs and swimming pools, visit our range of online resources:

Our friendly sales team are ready to help you transform your backyard into a private retreat!

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