Our Story

For over 35 years, it has been our goal to create and build the finest residential pools available on the Eastern Shore. We could not begin to achieve this goal without the dedication of our team of devoted office staff, designers, and craftsmen. From initial design concept to site preparation and the actual construction of your pool, the Pool Tech team is committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Pool Tech has established a leading position in the design and construction of the finest swimming pools on the Eastern Shore.

All pools are different of course, made to meet the personal needs of our customers. But they are all made to the same high standards, however challenging the construction requirements are. When you put your confidence in us, you can feel sure that we will give you our undivided attention from day one - from design and building to tips about how to best take care of your new pool. We are able to use our expertize and experience to provides you with a lifetime of satisfaction.

Our Staff

Bill Culver, Owner and President

Bill started Pool Tech in the late 1970′s. An honest and hardworking man, Bill has always prided himself on having strong family values and a commitment to fairness and excellence to his customers and employees.

Jaime Toner, Vice President of Sales and Design

Jaime is committed to offering clients the absolute highest quality and finest value in the industry. When designing a pool, Jaime will consider the style of your home, the desired location and sun exposure of the pool, access, and even the views from inside your home and from the pool and sitting areas. Creating the perfect ambiance involves blending the natural landscape characteristics with your home’s unique architecture, and balancing that with your family’s individual needs. Jaime will accomplish all this within the parameters of your specified budget. This is the essence of Pool Tech’s pool design.

Andrew Culver, Vice President of Service and Renovations

Andrew is committed to implementing the quality that Pool Tech demands of its projects while maintaining timeliness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Andrew’s excellent customer service skills aid him in allowing clients to realize a smooth process for a large construction project in their backyards. Also benefiting clients are Andrew’s certifications from our equipment vendor and knowledge on properly operating the swimming pools and spas, remote systems, maintenance, service and renovation. This is the essence of Pool Tech’service and renovations.

Trish Barker, Senior Designer/Sales Manager

Trish is a kind and passionate individual who will put her clients’ interests and goals first in working with and designing their swimming pool construction projects. Trish ensures that the retail showroom is able to satisfy your pool and spa supply needs.

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