Luxurious Pool Ideas for Backyards – 6 Things to Consider

Our expert team at Pool Tech has been installing custom pools for over 40 years, so if you’re looking for unique, fun pool ideas for your backyard, you’ve come to the right place!

Designing your dream backyard is something we’re passionate about, and discovering your ideal pool can elevate your backyard in unexpected ways.

Custom pool designs provide a unique way to express your personality or create a special aesthetic for your backyard space that will leave people in awe.

Whether you enjoy entertaining or simply want a backyard oasis, there’s a pool for everyone and backyard additions to make it even more alluring!

In this article, we’ll cover pool ideas for backyards of any size and specific things to consider to help you design a backyard that meets your every need! If you’ve been dreaming of a new, updated backyard, keep reading!

6 Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Backyard

Updating your backyard is a big decision, and there are a few essential steps you can take to ensure you’ll be thrilled with your new space!

Your backyard can be designed in various ways and can be a powerful way to express yourself or elevate your lifestyle.

As you go through the process of planning your backyard with your dream pool, there are six things you should consider to ensure it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

1. The Size of Your Backyard

This is possibly one of the most important aspects to consider when you begin planning your new backyard.

How large or small your space is will have a big impact on the size of your pool, what elements you can include, and the custom shape that would be best for your backyard.

If you want a pool installed alongside a new hot tub, a larger space would be ideal. If you’re trying to include both in a smaller yard, you’ll want to consider how you’ll layout your yard to make both of them fit without overcrowding your space.

For example, adding a smaller hot tub that can be tucked in the back corner of your yard, like the Capri®, may allow you to fit a pool alongside the other side of your backyard. 

The size of your space will also change the décor options for your backyard as well.

If you want to have a dining area, it may be best to find a small bistro table set that doesn’t require ample space.

However, if you have a larger yard, you could add a bigger table or a comfortable seating area using outdoor sofas.

2. The Shape Of Your Space

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes, and how they are laid out will influence how you design your space.

One of the best things about adding a custom pool to your backyard is the ability to create a unique shape that compliments your specific type of yard.

For example, if you have a “pie-shaped” corner lot, your backyard likely won’t be square but more triangular. In this case, adding a standard rectangular pool may not work for your space.

In this scenario, you may want to consider a circular pool in one corner of your yard or a custom pool with lots of curves. This would help it take up less space than a traditionally shaped pool while also working alongside the unique shape of your yard.

If you have a square or rectangular-shaped backyard, you could consider adding a classic rectangular pool to the back section of your yard, giving you the front half to use for entertaining.

3. Your Aesthetic

Everyone has their own style, and your backyard should reflect this!

Installing a custom pool gives you the opportunity to use it to complement your overall aesthetic.

For example, if you enjoy a classic style, you could consider installing a long rectangular pool with the traditional blue-speckled bottom.

If your goal is for a more modern chic appeal, you may want to consider a concrete pool with stone tiles wrapping around the edges and some soft underwater lighting.

Your aesthetic can also be reflected in your landscaping and décor. If you don’t want your pool to be the centerpiece of your yard or your space doesn’t allow for it, your landscaping can set the tone instead.

When considering your aesthetic, think of things like:

  • Color schemes
  • Lighting
  • Textures
  • Style (bold, classic, natural, whimsical, etc.)
  • Emotional response (calming, exciting, etc.)

Explore how you want to feel when you enter your yard, what experience you want to create, and what items you’d like to include. This will make it easier to discover your unique aesthetic.

If you’re not sure where to start, our backyard installation gallery may help you get some backyard pool ideas of what you’d like to include in yours or what style of a pool would work best for your space.

4. Different Types of Pools

Pools can be made using a variety of materials, and each one has its own unique strengths. Choosing the right one for you will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Affordability
  • Shape & size
  • Surface texture
  • Color & pattern options
  • Durability

Our custom pools can be made of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete, and each one has its own strengths and can create a unique appearance in your backyard.

Concrete pools offer maximum flexibility when it comes to the shape and size of your pool. They can be a powerful statement piece in your backyard and can include unique water features to elevate it even further!

They are also a reliable, strong foundation, leaving you with a pool that can last decades when properly cared for. Concrete pools are the most expensive option of the three we offer, so they are best if you’re not working within a budget.

Fiberglass pools provide a smooth surface and have a variety of color options. They are one of the easiest pools to maintain and offer optimum durability.

These pools can be relatively inexpensive with smaller sizes, however, they don’t offer oversized options, so pool size will be a large determining factor for this style.

Vinyl pools are the most traditional style available and provide durability for both your pool and your water, offering protection from UV rays and extreme weather.

A vinyl pool will likely be your best option if you want to include vibrant patterns in your backyard without breaking the bank. As an added benefit, these pools are one of the most cost-effective solutions, making them great for value seekers!

For a more complete breakdown to help you decide which one is best for you, check out our comparison guide!

5. Landscaping Options

Your landscaping can be a powerful way to give your backyard the look you’re after.

Landscaping can include anything from plants, installations, lighting, and patio or deck builds.

If you dream of creating a backyard oasis, you could consider adding some vibrant green plants, including tall ones with big leaves. However, if you want a space that resembles a high-end resort, you may want to invest in a pergola, adding some subtle white curtains tied to each corner.

The landscaping you include will also depend on the size of your yard. If you have a small space and don’t enjoy an overgrown look, you’ll want to be careful with how much foliage you add.

If you have a bigger backyard, you could add a patio with a stone walkway leading to your pool, including some soft glowing lanterns to light the pathway.

6. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle may have one of the largest influences on your backyard pool.

If entertaining and hosting grand parties is something you value, you’ll want to include some open gathering spaces and invest in a larger pool. You’ll want to include seating options like a patio dining set, or if you have the space, maybe even a firepit for late-night entertaining!

If you enjoy a quieter lifestyle and your backyard is just for your enjoyment along with your closest loved ones, you may not need a large pool and may want to focus more on adding elements to create your dream escape.

You could add a smaller, unique pool to compliment your space, or if you enjoy swimming laps, include a long, single laneway pool so you can incorporate gentle cardio into your daily routine.

Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Small backyards may not have the grand appeal of larger spaces, but they can offer a more intimate experience that leaves a lasting impact on your visitors.

Smaller spaces go well with:

  • String lights
  • Vibrant flowers
  • Bistro tables
  • Small patio sets

Small yards offer some flexibility with size and shape when it comes to your pool installation. If you want to include a large pool, you can install one that takes up most of your yard and includes some poolside seating and small gardens around its edges.

If you would prefer to maintain some entertainment space in your backyard, you have a couple of options.

You could add a thin rectangular pool at the back of your yard, a square pool in one of the corners, or include a unique-shaped pool to maximize your space. This will help you maintain room for entertaining and include bistro sets, BBQs, or comfortable outdoor furniture.

Pool Ideas for Large Backyards

If you have a larger backyard, you’ll be able to create a wide open space perfect for entertaining, including a large pool, while maintaining greenery.

Some things that can elevate your large backyard include:

  • Firepit
  • BBQ & island
  • Outdoor bar
  • Lamps
  • Stone pathways
  • Lush gardens

For your pool, your options become limitless.

Install a large rectangular pool to make entertaining your family and friends easy. Or, consider a concrete pool with added water installations like built-in waterfalls for a bold style that’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Backyard Pools and Spas in Salisbury

We take backyards seriously, and with over 40 years of designing dream backyard water features, we’re ready to help you create a backyard you love!

The professional team at Pool Tech can help you discover the custom pool installation that’s best for your backyard. We also offer a wide range of services, making owning a pool as simple as possible.

Contact us, or visit our showroom today to get started on your next backyard adventure!

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