The possibilities are endless.

Pool Tech can transform your existing swimming pool to the modern paradise of your dreams!

Designing your pool remodel with the help of Pool Tech’s design staff can be a rewarding experience. Together we’ll create the perfect ambiance by blending the natural landscape characteristics with your home’s unique architecture, and balancing that with your family’s individual needs.

Choose from many materials, colors, and textures to create a custom remodeled pool that meets your needs. Our design staff will work with you to discuss your options. Our designers will help you determine what type of pool remodel will best satisfy your vision and needs and also meet your budget.

Before we begin our design process, a member of our design staff will visit, evaluate, and measure your site. As we begin the construction process, we will inspect the job site and all the elements of the design in relation to dimensions, ground elevations, and the existing landscape. During construction, we pay attention to little details and make sure to carry out inspections at every phase of the procedure. We are always available to assist you no matter what stage of the process we're at. After all, our goal is to create a quality project and to exceed your expectations.

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