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Bioguard Chemicals

Bioguard has earned its reputation as the world’s leader in its industry thanks to extensive research and constant technological improvements. Bioguard provides advanced pool and spa products that provide the easiest, most effective way to care for your pool or spa. Pool Tech staff are pool and spa care professionals, thanks in part to Bioguard’s continued education and training. We are able to provide dependable, accurate, helpful advice and are always prepared to give you the best solutions for your pool and spa care needs. We encourage the program approach to pool care. Simply put, it is the easiest way to sparkling clear pool water. You will spend only minutes per week maintaining beautiful pool water. Bioguard chemicals are available in the Pool Tech showroom. Come in March and take advantage of our Warehouse Sale. We offer our customers a whopping 30% off retail price of all Bioguard chemicals. Stock up for the summer season!

Water Analysis

In order to ensure our clients have the clearest pool water on the Eastern Shore, Pool Tech installed a Bioguard water analysis station. Bioguard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis and has continued to research and refine the process. The result? The fastest and most accurate water testing in the pool and spa industry. All you have to do is bring in a water sample from your pool to Pool Tech and you’ll receive personalized instructions for start-up, closing and maintenance. It is so important to us that our clients have sparkling clear water and Pool Tech provides this service free of charge to its clients.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a unique cooking machine, with unmatched flexibility and capabilities that surpass all other conventional cookers combined. It is a smoker, a grill, and an oven, and you can cook literally any food on it year round, from appetizers to entrees to desserts. You can grill steaks and chops to the perfect degree, cooking at temperatures up to 750°F for steakhouse searing. But if fallin-off-the-bone ribs or a tasty, juicy brisket is on your menu, the BGE will maintain a low temperature of 200°F to 275°F for the low-and-slow smoke cooking that develops wonderful flavor while tenderizing the meat. Whether searing or slow cooking, prepare the entire meal on the grill by adding any of your favorite vegetables to the cooking grid. If you are longing for cornbread, biscuits, a freshly baked loaf of bread or even a warm pie or cobbler to complete your meal, the BGE bakes better than a brick oven. The BGE is available in the Pool Tech showroom along with the accessories needed to create your gourmet barbeque.

Toys & Accessories

We offer our customers the very best prices and abundant selection of unique pool toys, pool floats, pool rafts, and pool accessories. Enjoy the ultimate in relaxation with floating pool chairs and lounges or experience amazingly fun family time with our selection of toys and accessories!

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