Swimming Pool Maintenance – Your Complete Guide to Clean Pool Water

Backyards across the country are officially being transformed into the ultimate summer oasis!

Temperatures are finally warm enough to enjoy the refreshing depths of your pool, and there’s no better site than the crystal clear water sparkling under the sun.

But clean water takes work, and this all comes down to your swimming pool maintenance.

Whether you use your pool every day or it’s your weekend reprieve, your pool maintenance is non-negotiable and will require the same steps.

Discover the world of swimming pool maintenance, and learn how to take care of your water like an expert with this guide!

We’re going to cover all the essentials you’ll need to include in your routine and even give you some extra tips to keep your water crystal clear and make your daily maintenance effortless.

Ready to master your water?

Let’s dive in!

swimming pool maintenance - clean pool water

Why is Swimming Pool Maintenance Important?

Before we get into the steps you’ll need to include in your routine, it’s important to know why pool maintenance is so important.

It’s about far more than simply keeping your water crystal clear and welcoming.

Pool maintenance plays an important role in various aspects, and when neglected, can not only have negative implications on your pool but also on your health!

There are three significant reasons swimming pool maintenance is so crucial.

1. Keeps Your Water Safe

First and foremost, your maintenance routine will ensure your water remains safe to be in.

Your pool isn’t like your bathtub.

While you can have a relaxing bubble bath and step out of the tub feeling refreshed, the water in your pool isn’t being drained after each session…

And it’s completely exposed to the elements all season long.

This means bacteria can quickly develop and create an unsafe swimming environment.

Safe water is not only treated to keep bacteria at bay but also to keep it within balance.

The pH of your water plays a significant role in how it leaves you feeling after a swim, and when it’s below its threshold (we’ll get to that below), you could end up with itchy eyes or irritated skin!

2. Supports Your Pool Equipment

Your pool maintenance also helps to support the overall functioning of your equipment.

Largely, this comes down to the quality of your water because it comes into contact with every aspect of your pool.

If your water is not properly balanced, it can become damaging to your system, leaving hard-scale forming throughout your pool or parts wearing down.

This can lead to more frequent, costly repairs being needed over the years, which is surely the last thing you want!

3. Maximizes The Lifespan of Your Pool

Lastly, how well you care for your pool will ultimately influence the number of years you can expect to enjoy it.

Without proper care, not only will your parts be impacted, but your pool itself will be.

Whether it’s through lack of cleaning or poorly treated water, your liner can be damaged, quickly reducing its lifespan.

swimming pool maintenance

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Swimming Pool Maintenance

Now that we’ve explored why your swimming pool maintenance is so crucial, it’s time to create your weekly care schedule.

Maintain Your Water Chemistry

First and foremost, you’ll want to keep your pool water properly treated.

The chemicals you add to your water serve multiple purposes. While some work to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of algae blooms, others combat staining or scale buildup.

Some basic pool chemicals you’ll want to include in your routine are:

  • pH and alkalinity treatments
  • Sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine
  • Stain and metal removers
  • Algaecide
  • Shock

To maintain your chemistry, you’ll want to test your water three times a week and add the necessary chemicals.

For reference, your pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8, while your alkalinity should be kept between 100 and 150 ppm. And if you’re using chlorine, you’ll want to keep your sanitizer levels at three ppm.

Don’t Forget to Shock Your Water

Another vital part of keeping your water healthy is shocking it. This is commonly referred to as “super chlorination.”

Essentially, you’re adding a high dose of chlorine to your water to assist your sanitizer.

Ideally, you should be shocking your pool water once a week, but there are other factors that may require you to shock it outside of your set schedule, such as:

  • After a storm
  • If it’s gone green, murky, or developed a strong odor
  • You’ve discovered algae
  • When temperatures suddenly surge
  • After heavy usage

All of these factors add additional pressure on your sanitizer, reducing the effectiveness of your daily dose of chlorine.

Adding shock will help combat this change and can help give your sanitizer the boost it needs to keep your water clean.

When adding shock, there is one big rule you need to follow; only add shock at night!

If you add it during the day, it’s exposed to the sun, breaking down more quickly than expected, reducing its overall effectiveness.

At night, however, your shock will maintain its potency and effectively treat your water throughout the evening.

Clean Your Pool

While your pool chemicals certainly work hard to keep your water clean and safe, without the surfaces of your pool being cleaned, your water won’t stay that way for long.

Every underwater surface is prone to grime build-up over time, resulting in a slimy or slippery layer of sediment forming all around the inside of your pool!

This is something your chemicals simply can’t remove for you and will instead need some manual labor to combat it.

You can do this by brushing the walls and floor of your pool before vacuuming it.

However, if you want to reduce the manual effort needed, consider investing in a robotic vacuum!

These high-tech devices can scale walls, roaming around your pool to scrub and vacuum up any debris it removes – all without you needing to lift a finger!

We recommend cleaning your pool at least once a week. Of course, skimming the surface of your water will need to be done more regularly, but scrubbing the walls and bottom of your pool will only be needed once each week.

Circulate Your Pool Water

Even if you’re not using your pool every day, it’s important to circulate the water for at least 10-12 hours each day.

This not only allows your filters to pull impurities out of your water but also ensures your chemicals are evenly distributed while keeping your water from going stagnant.

Still water is a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Without letting your pump run for a few hours every day, you’d risk bacteria running rampant in your water, requiring more chemicals to combat!

Use a Pool Cover

Finally, the last step in your swimming pool maintenance routine is simply using a cover.

Your pool cover serves two distinct purposes:

1. It reduces the debris that gets in your water

2. It protects your chemicals from breaking down under the sun

Simply unraveling a cover to rest atop your water can save you ample time when it comes to maintaining its quality and can even save you money on chemicals!

Furthermore, pool covers come in various styles, with some boasting impressive features to maximize the safety of your pool.

If you’re considering investing in a pool cover, look for ones that stretch out to completely cover the water, and lock into place using clips.

These covers add an additional layer of safety to your swim area.

Do I Need to Schedule a Professional Pool Service?

The answer to this question is completely based on your individual needs and preferences.

Professional pool service can help maintain the longevity of your pool by keeping everything in good working order and helping you better care for it.

If you enjoy the process of caring for your pool, including a yearly service can help verify your system is running properly and prepare it for another year of fun.

However, if you want a more hands-off approach, including a pool service once every week or month would be a great option to consider.

Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Salisbury

Whether you’re looking for a reputable pool service provider or simply need to restock all your swimming pool maintenance supplies, contact the experts at Pool Tech!

At our Salisbury showroom, we have everything you need.

We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years, so whether you need routine service, support opening or closing your pool, or need to schedule an inspection or repair, our team has the skills and knowledge to meet all your needs.

Visit our showroom today, or contact us to discuss our pool service solutions.

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